We create awesome Security Awareness Training, tailor-made for your business.

We never sell off-the-shelf content because it won’t be a perfect fit for your business. Everything we create is customized for you.

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Make an Impact with Security Awareness Training

A good security manager connects with the workforce and inspires them to adopt safe security practices both inside and outside the office. Security awareness training and behaviour assessments are a great way to connect. Our solutions help.

Security Awareness Videos, Games, Animations

Security Awareness Induction Course for Staff

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When we introduced Security to Creativity, the result was some cool Security Awareness training content

A dry topic like Information Security needs a bit of love and a massive helping of creativity to enable employees to understand and accept it.

We build fun, interactive and enriching security awareness program that helps you reach out and connect.

Creative Security Awareness Training Content Modules by Information Security Quotient


Our Clients

15 Countries and counting with clients across verticals like Banking, Insurance, Finance, Government, IT, Telecom, Manufacturing and more.

Our Clients


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We are more than just Security Awareness. We are about connecting the Security Manager with the workforce.

We believe that Information Security works best when the Security Manager is able to connect with the workforce. Security awareness is a powerful channel to connect and have dialogues with the end users.

Over the years we have enabled Security Managers to build powerful Security Awareness programs that enable dialogues with employees.

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